Why is My Ring Doorbell Solar Charger Not Working?

If you are using a solar charger for the Ring doorbell in your smart home, but for any reason, its solar charging is not working correctly.

When connected to a solar charger, ‘not connecting’ and ‘not charging’ errors often show in the ring doorbell.

Here, I discuss why is my ring doorbell solar charger is not working, its problem, and its solutions.

So that you can know the reason and remedies for your ring doorbell solar charger not working at home.

When I faced this problem in my home, I searched many web pages and videos to find out this problem.

Finally, I went through the official web page of the ring and called the call center to get complete information and a solution to my problem.

First, we discuss problems and then how to fix them.

11 Common Cause For Why Is My Ring Doorbell Solar Charger Not Working?

Reasons For Why Is My Ring Doorbell Solar Charger Not Working_

I researched 11 reasons why solar chargers do not charge the Ring doorbell.

Let’s start and check the issues for not charging your solar charger ring doorbell point to point.

  1. Get Insufficient sunlight
  2. Incorrect angle
  3. Dirty solar panel on Doorbell
  4. Physical damage to solar panel and Doorbell
  5. Battery issues
  6. Loose or faulty wiring
  7. Ring Doorbell Model Compatibility
  8. Not charging Over 90% Charge
  9. Outdated Software
  10. Night-time IR activation
  11. Faulty Product

Now we start with details about the above problems and you check them individually.

1. Get Insufficient Sunlight 🌞

Get Insufficient Sunlight for solar charger

First, you check if the solar charger panel of the doorbell is getting enough sunlight.

It is a straight thing that there is no charging without sunlight.

The required voltage will sometimes not be generated due to poor weather conditions.

In many cases, the solar charger is shaded by trees, buildings, or other objects, so it cannot get sufficient sunlight to charge the battery correctly.

The above issues are the leading cause of a solar panel or ring doorbell not charging in multiple cases.

2. Incorrect Angle

Incorrect Angle of Ring Doorbell Solar panel

If there is no issue getting in sunlight, check the solar charger’s angle.

The solar charger should be mounted at an angle pointed directly toward the sun during peak daylight hours. 🌞

Incorrect angles can limit light exposure.

The solar charger may not be placed correctly to receive maximum sunlight exposure.

It is essential to ensure it is placed where it can receive direct sunlight for most of the day.

3. Dirt on Solar Panel

Dirt on Ring Doorbell Solar charger panel

If the doorbell solar panel’s charger is dirty or covered in debris, it will not be able to absorb sunlight efficiently.

We have to consider that there is a problem with not charging due to dirt and mud on it.

Pollen, dust, dirt, or bird droppings on the solar panel can block sunlight and prevent charging.

4. Physical damage to Solar Panel and Doorbell

Physical damage to Solar Panel and Doorbell

If your solar charger’s panel is damaged they cannot charge the doorbell battery.

So check whether the solar charger panel of the ring doorbell installed outside your house is broken.

 Cracks or holes in the solar panel can disrupt charging.

The panel and doorbell should also be inspected for any physical damage.

Maybe the battery of the Ring doorbell will not be charged due to the breakdown of the solar panel.

5. Battery Issues 🔋

Battery Issues for your Ring doorbell Not Charging Problem

Even after checking all the above reasons, the ring doorbell is not charging with a solar charger.

Then, it is necessary to check its battery.

The rechargeable battery may be old and no longer hold a proper charge. Battery life is around 1-2 years typically. Replacing the battery can often fix charging issues.

The solar charger may have a faulty or depleted battery, which can prevent it from storing and delivering power.

It is essential to check the battery’s condition.

6. Loose or Faulty Wiring

Loose or Faulty Wiring of Solar charger for Doorbell

Maybe all this will not solve your problem, then the wiring of the solar charger and the doorbell may be loose or faulty.

Check that the solar panel wires are securely connected to the doorbell wires. Loose wiring interruptions can prevent charging.

If the wiring between the solar charger and the doorbell is faulty, the charger will not be able to charge the battery. 

Sometimes, wrong positive-negative connections, open circuits, and the device’s mismatched voltage should be considered faulty connections.

At that time, the solar charger of the ring doorbell not charging correctly.

7. Ring Doorbell Model Compatibility

Ring Doorbell Model Compatibility for solar charger

If your solar charger is not compatible with your doorbell then the charging issue created is obvious. Many times, the Ring doorbell not recognizing solar charger.

So check out the solar charger for your ring doorbell model. Old devices or solar panel firmware can sometimes have to charge bugs. Ensure both are updated to the latest firmware versions.

There are 4 types of Ring doorbell models compatible with solar chargers.

Ring Doorbell ModelSolar Charger DeviceCompatible?
Ring Video Doorbell 2Ring Solar PanelYes
Ring Video Doorbell 3Ring Solar PanelYes
Ring Video Doorbell 3 PlusRing Solar PanelYes
Ring Video Doorbell 4Ring Solar PanelYes
Ring Video Doorbell (2020 Release)Ring Solar PanelNo
Ring Video Doorbell WiredRing Solar PanelNo
Table 1: chart of compatibility with the ring doorbell models by solar charger

I suggest the Wasserstein solar panel for Ring doorbells, which compatibility 4 models of Ring doorbells.

8. Not Charging Over 90% Charge.

Not Charging Over 90% Charge of ring Doorbell charger

Your Solar Charger or Solar Panel will not charge your lithium-ion battery until its percentage drops below 90% to prolong its life.

So, the Ring app may show the solar device as “Not Connected” while your battery is over 90% charged, which is normal, this is not an issue.

9. Outdated Software

Outdated Software is the reason for the charging problem of the ring doorbell solar charger.

Sometimes, the Ring release updates for the App require an updated version but you don’t update.

So, old devices or solar panel firmware can sometimes have to charge bugs. it can sometimes disrupt regular charging.

Ensure both are updated to the latest firmware versions.

Therefore, update the Ring app to the latest version, as software updates may contain bug fixes or improvements that can help resolve the solar charger issue.

10. Night-time IR activation

Night-time IR activation is the reason for the charging issue of the solar ring doorbell charger

Another thing that can cause problems is if the motion sensors on your Ring doorbell are triggered a lot at night.

The infrared (IR) sensors that detect movement will make your Ring doorbell light up and record clips when anyone passes by your door after dark.

If this happens all night, your Ring uses power nonstop when there’s no sunlight to recharge the battery.

11. Faulty Product

Sometimes, you purchase faulty products Ring the doorbell solar charger, which keeps not charging.

So, then I suggest you contact the ring support and replace this product.

How To Fix Solar Panel Not Charging Ring Doorbell?

How To Fix Solar Panel Not Charging Ring Doorbell_

So, I discussed the issue of the Ring Doorbell solar charger not working.

Now, I tell you how to fix them to start charging your doorbell.

Let’s go,

  • Get sufficient and direct sunlight
  • Change the Solar Panel Placement
  • Clean the solar panels.
  • Change the battery
  • Verify and reset the wiring.
  • Reset the Ring Doorbell
  • Update the Ring App
  • Contact Ring Support

Get sufficient and Direct sunlight

You should arrange the panels of your solar charger so that you get the total amount of sunlight during the day.

Change the Solar Panel Placement

Ensure and relocate that the solar panel is positioned in a location that receives direct sunlight for at least 6 hours daily for sufficient charging.

Consider trimming back trees or branches that may be blocking the sunlight.

Clean the Solar Panels

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the solar panel, decreasing efficiency.

So, clean and scrub the solar panel regularly with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. This prevents the blocking of sunlight.

Avoid using cleaners that could damage the panel.

Change the battery

If the battery of the Ring doorbell is more than 1-2 years old or is damaged, then purchase a replacement battery from Ring.

Follow the instructions to remove and install the new battery properly.

Verify and Reset the Wiring

If there is a wiring problem then inspect all connections between the doorbell and the solar panel.

Ensure the cables are fully inserted and secured. if not then use cable clips if needed to prevent loosening.

If there are loose or damaged connections between the solar panels, wiring, and charger, you should open and reset all connections and replace broken wires if necessary.

Finally, it is worth checking all connections and ensuring they are secure.

Reset the Ring Doorbell

Need to reset your Ring Doorbell solar charger?

No problem,

Hold down the small setup button on the back of the doorbell for at least 20 seconds.

Keep holding it until the lights flash or it makes a sound. This will restart and reset the solar device.

If you need more details on resetting your particular Ring model, check out their troubleshooting guide online. It walks through the steps for different doorbell versions.

A factory reset can often get things working correctly again when the solar charger is acting up.

Update the Ring App

For not charging the doorbell battery through a solar charger, In the Ring app, check for and install any available latest version, as software updates for the doorbell and solar panel.

Keep firmware up-to-date.

It may contain bug fixes or improvements that can help resolve the solar charger issue.

Contact Ring Support

Contact Ring Support for Ring Doorbell solar charger not working

Contacting Ring support is recommended.

If basic troubleshooting and checking all the solutions do not solve the issue, even after that, the solar charger doesn’t work.

Then my only advice is to contact Ring support for further assistance and guidance.

How do You know if Your Ring Doorbell is charging?

When you complete the fix of your charging problem, then check that the charging is started.

To check if your Ring Doorbell is charging, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Step 1: First, you open the Ring app on your mobile.
  2. Step 2: Then, tap on the doorbell you want to check.
  3. Step 3: You’ll see Feature Power Usage below the Battery Status section. This shows you the features that affect battery life.
  4. Step 4: Finally, you can adjust your features to optimize your battery life.
  5. Step 5: To know the exact battery percentage, tap the Device Health option in app 1.

I hope this helps you to know Charging is starting for your Ring Doorbell.


How to Reset the Solar Charger Ring Doorbell?

To reset your Ring Doorbell Solar Charger, hold down the setup button for at least 20 seconds.

How Long Does it Take to Solar Charge a Ring Doorbell?

Ring states battery recharge is usually 3-6 hours, but poor solar panel orientation or lousy weather conditions can lengthen charging time.

Is my Ring Doorbell Model Compatible with Solar Charging?

Check the bottom or back of your Ring doorbell – if it says it’s a battery-powered model, solar charging is compatible. Only the Ring Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, and 4 support solar charging.

Can I Use My Ring Doorbell Solar Charger in Cold Weather?

Yes, you can use your Ring Doorbell solar charger in cold weather.

However, the amount of power your solar charger can generate will be reduced in cold weather.

How to Claim the Warranty of Ring Doorbell Solar Charger?

To claim a Ring solar charger warranty, contact Ring customer support with your order ID and details of the issue – they’ll advise if a replacement is covered under warranty.


Overall, In this article, we discuss how solar panel charging not working to ring the doorbell.

Here, I have given you information on why is my ring doorbell solar charger is not working.

It involves thoroughly understanding potential issues and proactive troubleshooting.

This way you can eliminate the solar charging problem of your ring doorbell and increase the charging capacity of your doorbell.

Thanks for the great conversation – I enjoyed discussing these common issues and solutions.

Let me know in a comment if you have any other issues with solar charging questions.

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