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Solar energy tip about us

About Us


My Name is U Salunkhe. I am a Electrical Engineer. 🙂  

I want to share with you my experiences on how we can use solar energy to save the environment.

I have been installing solar panels in my house for the last 4 years. Since then I have been researching solar energy and how it can be used as renewable energy.

I came up with the idea that many people like me use solar energy to clean up the environment and use solar energy based products in their home or office.

For such people, I have created a common window where you can get solar energy based, additional information.

The content I have given in this website is based on my study, research and understanding concept of solar energy.

This platform fully helps people who want to know about solar energy and the workings of the product for its use.


U Salunkhe (Author)

about us

A solar energy tip blog is a type of website or online resource that provides tips, advice, and information about solar energy and solar power. These blogs may offer a variety of content, including articles about the latest developments in solar technology, guides to help homeowners and businesses learn more about solar energy, and tips for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of solar panels.

This Solar energy tip blog is often a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about solar energy, whether they are homeowners looking to install solar panels on their property, businesses interested in switching to renewable energy sources, or individuals who are simply curious about the benefits of solar power. This blog can provide valuable information and insights that can help people make informed decisions about solar energy and how it can be used in their daily lives.

Solar energy tip blog may also offer additional resources, such as calculators and tools to help users estimate your solar energy needs, or directories of solar energy providers and contractors. These resources can be especially helpful for those who are considering installing solar panels or making other investments in solar energy.

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