How To Connect A Solar Panel To A 12 Volt Battery? 5 Steps Awesome Guide

Using solar panels in your home is beneficial for the environment. Sometimes you need a 12-volt battery for your normal work, and Here I want to give you information about how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery.

With solar panels, you can also use electrical energy in your home, sell it to a utility company, and earn income from it.

How To Connect A Solar Panel To A 12 Volt Battery
How To Connect A Solar Panel To A 12 Volt Battery

When you go out, or your house is closed for a few days, you can store the energy generated by your solar panel in your battery or export the extra energy to the utility company’s line.

Different types of batteries are stored by converting solar energy into electrical energy. There are different capacities. The batteries are selected according to your need.

Here are some steps to get complete information on connecting a solar panel to a 12-volt battery. Then we will get your information about the equipment required to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery.

how to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery Many of you will have this kind of question and you may also have some problems with this connection.

This connection will be very easy for you if you are a professional solar panel installer or electrician, but if you are not of them, you will need some instructions and guidance.

Even outside the house, many places require a 12-volt battery, and if there is any immediate equipment to charge it, it is a solar panel.

I have written this article for people like you who have complete information about how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery.

First, we need information about some tools and materials needed to connect to a 12-volt solar panel battery.

Tools and Equipment list for how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery

This issue provides complete information on what tools and equipment you need to use a solar panel to charge your 12-volt battery. With this information, you can connect your solar panel with a 12-volt battery at home.

The following are some of the tools used to understand solar panels connected to a 12-volt battery.

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Electrical wiring diagram
  3. Wires
  4. Solar Inverter
  5. Solar Charge Controller
  6. Solar Raking
  7. AC Breaker
  8. AC disconnect and fuse
  9. 12 Volts Battery
NoTools and EquipmentPurchase
1Solar PanelsCheck Here
2Electrical wiring diagramCheck Here
3WiresCheck Here
4Solar InverterCheck Here
5Solar Charge ControllerCheck Here
6Solar RackCheck Here
7AC BreakerCheck Here
8AC disconnect and fuseCheck Here
912 Volts BatteryCheck Here

Solar Panel

A solar panel is one of the first tools needed to charge a 12-volt battery. Then you may wonder what size solar panel would be needed to connect a 12-volt battery.

To fully charge a 12-volt battery, you will need a 100-watt solar panel that can generate up to 500 watts of power if the sunlight is on for five hours.

It controls the voltage and current going to the battery from the solar panel. Most 12-volt panels have about 16 to 20 volts. If not regulated it can damage the battery due to overcharging.

The number and location of solar panels depend on the following reasons:

  • Your energy needs
  • Peak sunlight over the space of the solar panel
  • The area of the roof is enough to consume
  • Efficiency rating of solar panels
  • Climate

Most batteries require about 12 to 14.5 boards to charge fully. There are three types of solar panels depending on the installation. You can use these three solar panels to connect a 12-volt battery.

  1. Foldable solar panel
  2. Fixed Solar Panels
  3. Flexible solar panel
how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery

1. Foldable Solar Panel

By folding the foldable solar panel, you can take it anywhere and connect your 12-volt battery to it.

You can charge your 12-volt battery with this foldable solar panel if you are in a campaign or on a trip and you need electricity in such a place.

It’s up to you how many large solar panels you need depending on your needs. The maximum rating should be up to 80 watts. These solar panels also have a solar controller to charge a 12-volt battery.

You cannot charge a 12-volt battery if you choose a smaller solar panel. Why? As small solar panels can generate 6 to 30 watts.

Here is a good foldable solar panel product that I suggest to you per my research.

ROCKPALS 120W Portable Solar Panels

ROCKPALS 120W Portable Solar Panels
  • Huge power for output
  • Fully Foldable
  • Portable
  • Water Proof

2. Fixed solar panel

As you may know from this name, this type of solar panel cannot be bent.

If you have a flat surface, you can install a fixed solar panel on it. It allows you to connect the 12-volt solar battery you have.

This type of fixed solar panel also requires a charge controller to protect the solar battery. This type of solar panel is fitted to the surface once and produces continuous electrical energy.

Newpowa Fixed Solar Panel

Newpowa Fixed Solar Panel
  • New Design Style
  • Easy Installation
  • Maximum power output
  • warranty about limited material and workmanship

3. Flexible solar panel

Flexible solar panels can also bend up to 30 degrees, and this type of solar panel is excellent for uneven surfaces.

Flexible solar panels are made of ultra-thin wafers designed to get solar energy. Unlike conventional solar panels that are very heavy and flexible solar panels are heavy and have a thickness of only a few micrometres.

It is important to choose a solar panel to know how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery.

Renogy Flexible Solar Panel

Renogy Flexible Solar Panel
  • Super flexible
  •  Thin Lamination
  • Light Weight
  • Durable

Electrical wiring diagram

If you want to get complete information about how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery while sitting at home, you will need an electrical wiring diagram.

It requires an electric wiring diagram as this is a circuit plan, and the circulation of electrical energy helps to get a clear picture.

The electrical wiring diagram also gives you an estimate of the size and length of the wire, and accordingly, you will get an estimate of its purchase.


Wires are the basic material for connecting solar panels, batteries, and other parts in a solar power system.

You all know that,

A solar panel system has many components, such as solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, and inverters. All of these require wires of the right size and capacity to connect.

Solar Inverter

Solar panels need a solar inverter to connect to a 12-volt battery. Solar inverter price varies. Solar inverters come in many types. Solar power inverters are fitted inside a solar system to charge a solar battery.

The electrical energy generated by the solar panel can be used only with one aid. That aid is a solar inverter which helps you to convert the electrical energy generated by the solar panel from DC to AC.

You can then use the electrical energy generated in this way in your home or the utility grid.

Types of solar inverters such as,

  1. Solar off-grid inverter
  2. Solar on grid inverter
  3. Solar hybrid inverter

Solar off-grid inverter

Off-grid solar inverters convert electrical energy from photovoltaic solar panels and store them in batteries.

Solar on grid inverter

On-grid Solar means your solar power system is connected to your local utility grid. In a solar grid system, you use a grid solar inverter.

Keeping the solar power system connected to the grid is advantageous as it does not require an expensive battery backup system to store additional energy.

Solar hybrid inverter

The main task of a solar inverter is to convert the DC power generated from the solar panel into useful AC power.

Even if we use a hydrate solar inverter, you can transfer the energy to the solar battery and send the surplus energy to the grid line.

A hybrid solar inverter is important in a residential solar + storage system. You can install your home solar power system by choosing the best hybrid solar inverter available.

This type of inverter is commonly used in remote areas where people live on a completely off-grid solar system.

Solar Charge Controller

A solar charge controller is a type that manages the electrical energy going into a battery.

This solar charge controller ensures that deep-cycle batteries are not overcharged throughout the day.

There are two types of solar charge controllers,

  1. PWM Solar Charge Controller
  2. MPPT Solar Charge Controller
how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery
Types of Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Rack

Solar panels are not directly connected to the roof; solar panels are mounted on the panel racking above the roof, which is connected to the roof and is connected to the phone with no degree of sunlight.

Degree angles are fitted in the solar ranking to receive maximum sunlight.

A solar ranking system is an excellent tool for organizing solar panels.

AC breaker

The AC breaker is required to power and transports the AC of the solar power system, and you need to check its compatibility as there are also different types of mountain circuits.

AC disconnect and fuse

Generally, two types of equipment are required for safety considerations for electric power for your home or offices. The first is AC Disconnect, and the second is a fuse.

12 volts battery

A 12 volts battery is a tool for getting information on how to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery.

You can use a 12 volts battery to get power anywhere you want, and it is rechargeable, so you can get electricity by connecting it to a solar panel.

We will get information about connecting a solar panel to a 12-volt battery.

5 steps of how to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery?

In many articles, you may have learned how to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery, but you may want to come to my article and get information about it.

All you need to do in this connection is to connect the solar panel and the battery to other components via wiring.

First, we need to know that solar panels usually cannot be connected directly to the battery. You need to connect the solar panel to the charge controller and then to the battery of the charge controller.

Step 1: Install solar panels

How To Connect A Solar Panel To A 12 Volt Battery

Solar Power System The first step is to install solar panels on your terrace, home, or in a place where the maximum amount of sunlight is available.

Here’s information about how to install solar panels yourself

First of all,

You have to choose the right place for the solar panel, where you get the most sunlight and your solar panels will enjoy long sun or peak hours throughout the day.

Then you need to build a platform to install solar panels and you can use metal rails like aluminium rails to build such a platform.

Then after arranging the solar panel on the platform, you have to wire the solar panel in series or parallel. You need slice boxes and fuses to keep this solar power system safe and secure.

When mounting solar panels on your roof, you have to be careful and follow some safety measures.

Step 2: Solar panel to charge controller wire

how to connect a solar panel to a 12 volt battery

Once the solar panel is fully wired, you must do the wiring to connect this solar panel to the charge controller.

The Solar Charge Controller is essential to prevent your solar system from overcharging. It interfaces the solar panel and the 12-volt battery.

Solar charge controllers are usually important in controlling solar energy to the battery.

How to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery, two types of solar charge controllers are in its tools section. PWM Solar Charge Controller and MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

MPPT solar charge controller is better quality than PWM as MPPT is used for maximum power point tracking.

You will choose the right type of charge controller for your solar power system. You can easily divide your solar panel’s load voltage by the battery’s voltage rating.

If the wattage of your solar panel is 1200 watts and your battery is 12 volts, you will need a charge controller of 1200 watts/12v = 100amps.

Step 3: Solar Charge controller to 12 Volts Battery wire

After wiring, the charge controller with the solar panel a 12-volt solar battery needs to be wired with the charge controller but you have to keep in mind how much you want to store your battery.

First, you must figure out how long your battery needs to be charged. If the voltage of your battery is 12v and your solar panel is 1200 watts, then your battery’s amp-hour is 1200 watt-hour / 12 volt = 100 Ah.

Then you have to choose the right wire to connect to the solar charge controller and your 12-volt battery. Generally, you can use a 3, 6, or 8-gauge or larger wire to connect the battery to the solar charge controller.

The following video shows you how to connect to a solar charge controller and a 12-volt battery.

Step 4: 12 Volts Battery to Solar Inverter Connection

To understand how to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery, it is very important to understand the solar inverter and how it works.

The 12-volt battery in your solar power system will then appear connected to the solar charge controller on one side, and you will complete the other side using the connection to the solar inverter.

With Solar Inverter, you can convert DC from solar panel to AC and use it in your home.

A good solar inverter lets you properly operate your solar power system with the battery and charge controller.

Step 5: Solar Inverter to Home Appliances Connection

The last step is connecting the solar inverter to your home’s electrical or other appliances.

Alternative current is used in household electrical appliances or items that want to run on a 12-volt battery.

So the important function of a Solar inverter is to convert DC electricity from the solar panel and run household items based on AC electricity.

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Based on all the analysis and guidance mentioned above, you will have gained enough knowledge on how to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery.

We have seen the list of tools and equipment used in this connection and the information about the solar panel with a 12-volt battery in five steps of connection.

So by following these steps, you can connect the solar panel to a 12-volt battery. You can do full wiring, but in the meantime, don’t forget to check each component after wiring.

This way, you can enjoy using an eco-friendly power generator.

FAQ: how to connect a solar panel to a 12-volt battery:

Q1. Will a 25-watt solar panel charge a 12-volt battery?

The Eco Power 25-watt polycrystalline module is for 12-volt battery charging and more. It is ready to provide cheap electricity. Draw it to the sun, and it runs. The panel produces DC voltage.

Q2. What size solar panel do I need to charge a 12V battery?

A 12V battery requires a minimum of 13.6 volts to charge, so in bad conditions, a solar panel needs to output at least 13.6 volts. This means that a 12V solar panel can output around 17V or more in perfect conditions.

Q3. Can I connect a solar panel directly to a battery?

No, Solar Panel Direct You cannot connect to a solar battery because it requires a charge controller that controls the electrical energy generated by the solar panel.

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